"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world".     

                      - Nelson Mandela


The infant program serves children from the age of Four weeks until the age of 12 months. The program is designed to promote feelings of belonging and the loving care which help infants to grow and develop to their full potential. Children eat, sleep, and play according to his or her own schedule. Every infant is an individual with unique abilities, desires and emotions. Our program is designed to meet the individual needs of each child and to provide them with educational experiences. In our infant classrooms, we provide a creative and stimulating program which encourages visual, language, gross motor and small motor experiences to enhance learning through their own natural curiosity.
Our qualified and professional teachers will guide and encourage your child in every stage of his or her development. We firmly believe in the need for open and thorough communication between teachers and each family to provide loving care for each child and confidence for each parent.


Our toddler program serves
children from 12 months to 36 months. The toddler classrooms are designed to provide stimulating experiences for the chldren where they can learn through their own inquisitiveness. The emphasis during the toddler years is on building self-confidence and fostering the natural curiosity that toddlers possess.  Throught the day toddlers enjoy the large variety of play materials that are readily made available to them, as well as creative centers where children can dress-up, build with blocks, and experiment in the sensory table. Art, music, language and science activities geared to little hands are also introduced.


Pre School

The Little Giggles Daycare Center has preschool classroom that serve children age three through five years. Our preschool program prepares children socially and academically, as well as, supports and encourages the development of independence, responsibility, and confidence, all of which are essential for the child’s ongoing success in kindergarten. Our educational program focuses on each child’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development by offering concrete, hands-on activities for the child to explore.
The preschool curriculum is designed to actively engage each child in developmentally age appropriate activities exploring the content areas of literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts and technology. Our teachers prepare curriculum that is exciting and challenging, as well as supportive of each child's own learning style.
Our preschool room arrangement creates the optimum learning environment. It allows children easy access to educational toys, materials and books, enabling them to initiate and expand their activities. Each classroom is organized with areas for block play, manipulative toys, art creativity, dramatic play, and reading in addition to larger spaces for group activities. To enhance learning experiences in our preschool we offer class trips to theatre, farm and children’s museums.

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